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Bonjour, we are Tissuni, a French collective of seamstresses from the Parisian fashion houses.

We joined together at the beginning of the French quarantine to create and distribute homemade masks for free in order to cope with the shortage of masks for doctors and nurses and all those who were on the front line.

“The seamstresses of Chanel, Dior and more formed a network to make face masks in quarantine.

The New York Times


We believe that fashion has the power to influence things in the right direction.

That is why we wanted to make masks that don't look like masks, but rather fashion accessories that will protect you and the people around you, and so, easy and ready to wear.

Download French Mask Pattern


American seamstresses, you have the power to make a difference. Together let's make the mask a must have for our lives, an indispensable accessory for all our outings, and if we make the mask trendy, the world could be healthy.

If you are a seamstress and want to share your email publicly in order to create face masks for all: Seamstresses Join Us

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